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Last Modified: 13.10.2021

Company structure and Honored employees iblocks are used for providing and storing information about employees, distinguished as Honored employees due to specific reasons.

For Honored employees data to be displayed correctly, indicate the created iblock in the Honored Employees information block field inside Intranet module:

Account group of users that can create/modify entries are defined in the iblock access settings:

In this case, only HR department user group can create/modify entries, and the Account Administrators have full iblock access.

Honored employees

To include an employee into the list (also called as the "Podium") of Honored Employees, go to the Honored Employees page in the Control Panel (Content > Company Structure > Honored Employees) and click the button Add record, located at the context panel. It opens a new entry form:

  • Select an employee in the Select employee to honor field.
  • Indicate the achievement in the Honored for field.
  • Indicate Period (Start date and End date fields).
  • Indicate Brief Description of Honor. Indicated text will be displayed as a employee profile title at the Honored employee list.

See the changes via the Save button.

Viewing in the public section

The Honored employees (bitrix:intranet.structure.honour) component shows list of marked employees.


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