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Last Modified: 01.09.2021

Types of email events are described at the page Settings > Service Settings > Email and SMS events > Event types :

To edit email event types, select the Edit item in the actions menu. To add new type, click on the Add a type button at the context menu to open the form:

Enter name for a created type. Checkmark description languages for your new type and fill out the fields Sort, Name and Description. Enter available fields in the Description field (macroses of #SOMETHING#, type), to be used in email template message body, belonging to the type created by you.

Note: Macroses are replaced for display of an array value via marcos name key. For example, an added event with array of fields:
	'ORDER_ID' => 123, 
	'ORDER_PAID' => 'Y', 
	'BUYER_NAME' => 'John'

Email template can use the fields, via these macroses:


Starting from main module version 15.0.7 (with enabled PHP use in email template) the same can be specified as follows:


Resulting email template body has array of passed fields is accessible via the variable $arParams.

XML tag specifics

Click Save, after which, the new type is added to the general list and it can be specified when creating email templates.

Editing of email event types is available at the new Template tab, containing visible email event templates, binded to this type. This tab will be empty for the newly created type.


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