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Last Modified: 29.08.2023

How to configure NTLM for Linux outside BitrixVM

When you aren't using BitrixVM or Linux (BitrixEnv), you need to configure your environment for working with AD/LDAP. The following actions are required:

  1. Add a host to domain (without description, if you work on your own environment, you are aware of this procedure).
  2. Configure Apache server settings NTLM authentication support is enabled by default in Bitrix24 product. Even it you do not use distribution package, recommended by Bitrix24, you need to perform the following...

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    for the selected site.
  3. Configure NTLM module for your environment and Bitrix24.

When the host is already located in the domain and has several sites, create Apache server settings for sites with disabled authorization at the domain.

  1. You cannot connect various sites to different domains, because the host can be located at one domain at the time.
  2. If the site doesn't has the LDAP module installed, such site cannot be authorized via NTLM.

NTLM authorization config

NTLM setup requires the following information in your environment settings:

When to do
Netbios domain name (TEST) Netbios for domain (n more 15 characters as per standard);
Full domain name (TEST.LOCAL) FQDN name for domain (will be used as realm in kerberos settings);
Domain password server FQDN name or authorization server IP address;
Domain admin user name user in AD with permissions to add individual domains to AD;
Domain admin user password user password;
Enter site name (default) for each site you need to create apache config.

After all options have been entered, launch the command for system setup. Executing may take some time. Information about host domain settings will appear upon successful setup.

Now, go to NTLM settings Step-by-step setup. Add a AD/LDAP server to the system...

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