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Last Modified: 20.08.2021

The Proactive Protection module has a private stop list (Settings > Proactive protection > Stop List). This feature is different from the Web analytics module stop list.

The Stop List page shows existing rules aimed to restrict access to your site (as a whole or individual areas) from IP addresses listed in the rules. If Active is green, the rule is valid; if red – the rule is expired.

The access restriction records can be created manually or automatically. The rule will be created automatically if:

  • the Control Panel protection mechanism is enabled;
  • the proactive filter responds to an intrusion attempt (if the Add Attacker’s IP Address to Stop List option is selected as the attack response action).

You may want to add restriction rule manually, for example, when analyzing the intrusion logs. To do so:

  • Click Add on the context toolbar in the stop list page. The rule editor form will open.

  • Fill in the form fields as required.

    You can restrict access to the Control Panel or public pages for certain IP addresses or address ranges. Any rule can have one or more exceptions which can be set by IP or paths wildcards.

    Note. Each IP address or path wildcard is typed in a separate field. Click Add to reveal more fields. Specify IP ranges using dashes, for example:
  • Save changes.

Now, if a user whose IP address matches the rule attempts to access your site, they will see a HTTP 403 error message, which effectively means that access is denied.


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