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Last Modified: 03.06.2024

Who will need this course?

This course is designed for basic preparation of users who execute administrator roles in Bitrix24 On-premise accounts. Studying this course allows mastering basic system administration methods.

This course covers information for two administrator roles: Account administrator and System administrator.

Account administrator - user who performs current administration of already configured and operating Bitrix24 account.

System administrator - user who has a complete access to system setup.

Different roles are created for low-to-medium level of administration for configured and debugged Bitrix24 On-premise accounts.

Once properly studied, this course grants information for a Bitrix24 administrator to perform the following functions:

  • configure system modules;
  • use interface capabilities for system management;
  • manage access to the system, sites, users, user groups;
  • manage account contents;
  • handle system tools;

Starting requirements

To successfully study this course, the following is required:

  • basic computer skills and Windows OS basic skills;
  • basic knowledge of WWW and web server access management.

System administrator will also find Bitrix Framework course useful to learn about Bitrix Framework operation principles.

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