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Last Modified: 11.07.2023

When using Bitrix24 On-premise, network administrator must consider an option within the security policy to grant network access for REST-applications.

The following must be opened for Bitrix24:

  • Outbound requests to (for app mechanism).
  • * The "Developers" section for creating integrations and webhooks is restricted without access to this resource.
  • Inbound requests from app servers (addresses depend from specific applications).

The following permissions must be granted for an app at the developer's server:

  • Outbound https requests to
  • Outbound https requests to Bitrix24 Self-hosted server.
  • Inbound https requests from server group mp_actions.*, when app uses event mechanisms, automation rules or custom workflow actions.
Inbound http/s queries will be received from dynamic(scale-based) server group with different IP-addresses. List of these IP-addresses can be retrieved beforehand by querying the address

Example of query using curl:

$ curl
 "nodes": ["", ""]
Use the retrieved list of nodes array's IP addresses to update firewall rules for inbound connections in the corporate network or self-hosted VM.

Sampling frequency: 1 per minute max, but preferable once each 5-10 minutes. VM pool scaling mechanism is designed to pre-list 5-10 minutes before retrieving webhooks from a new address.

Note: Previously Bitrix24 listed specific IPs to be opened for queries. But, due to these addresses changing, it's recommended to work with IP addresses with indicated resolved domain names.

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