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Last Modified: 27.08.2020

When developing local or public solutions for Bitrix24 Cloud, you can develop application of practically any level of complexity, considering your clients requirements. If your mass-market application became popular, you may not worry that you don't have sufficient power capacity for it to operate.

REST API have significant capabilities providing more than 30 locations for embedding and with the released Knowledge Base feature, number of such locations increases to mire than 100.

Let's overview embedding for REST_APP_URL. It different, because it doesn't have a button in Bitrix24, no frame inside Bitrix24 content, as opposed to, for example Custom user fields When a CRM lead details form opens and displays your custom field, it essentially displays a frame with application. All data about field, value, and operation mode is passed into this frame. For the app it all looks like it was opened in the embedding location with identifier USERFIELD_TYPE.
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in CRM detail forms.

How to handle this embedding?

This embedding is registered as any other by the method placement.bind veb1.jpg . You need to indicate path to your handler and use it at Bitrix24 account. Place this embedding link in any Bitrix24 account's location. The link looks as follows: /marketplace/view/#appCode#/


where #appCode# - is your application code. Application type can be local or public.

Uniqueness of the code for all accounts is the main advantage of this embedding. Contrary to other types of embeddings, when each has its own ID, which complicates using paths for them.

The example image above uses BB-codes for adding a link to an Activity Stream post. It will look as follows:


If you click on URL in this post, it opens slider with your handler:


Please note the PLACEMENT_OPTIONS. Its value indicates test=y. This test is the very same as test=y veb17.png the one we added to link parameters.

This illustrates the main key feature of this type of embedding: thanks to using GET-parameter params we can pass any parameters into the embedding without being limited by anything, except by URL generating rules.

This feature allows to apply this embedding within many variants.

For example, you can add a comment (to Activity Stream, chat, task) with the link containing task ID. And then a slider opens with task context when a user click on this link. Other options can be preparing link for adding in new leads, bot email campaigns and other areas.

Most likely, you will find many more useful applications for REST_APP_URL embedding.

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