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Last Modified: 17.08.2020

When describing getting access to REST API we are exclusively describing technical aspects. Developers can freely use REST without necessarily asking Bitrxi24 for access.

In this context, "getting access" signifies the method how an application can receive authorization token for calling a specific REST API method.

And here there are several variants:
  • developer can create a local application for specific Bitrix24 having administrator access permissions and the app will receive tokens using OAuth 2.0 protocol;
  • any Bitrix24 user can use a webhook mechanism, providing a simple method for getting tokens;
  • developer can create an application (local at user's individual Bitrix24 or a  public solution, by Bitrix24 technological partner and by registering a solution in the partner's account). As a result, this solution gets an opportunity to work with any Bitrix24, getting tokens via OAuth 2.0 protocol.

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