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Last Modified: 24.08.2020

You can create public Bitrix24 solutions for our Applications catalog and grant access to such solutions to unlimited user audience. Moreover, you can publish applications on a commercial basis and sell various application features via subscription-based model.

Now, there are several technical and organizational requirements for applications to be successfully published in Marketplace catalog:

  1. You must become a Bitrix24 technological partner or just be a participant in standard Bitrix24 partnership program;
  2. Application that you want to publish must be moderated by Bitrix24 team and meet app features and presentation requirements;
  3. An application always has versions, each requesting individual access permissions to Bitrix24 modules. That's why each new app version must be submitted to be moderated, starting from the version 1;
  4. Be advised, application's creator is liable for safety and security of personal data accessed by his/her application;

Also, note that the main difference between developing local applications for specific project or customer, when the relationship between user and developer is governed by two-way contract arrangements - publishing apps in Marketplace catalog is regulated by Bitrix24 rules that you need to read carefully.

For purposes of this learning course, we will assume that you already have the access to your own Bitrix24 Partner account, to proceed in solving main objectives in publishing you own application:

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