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Last Modified: 14.08.2014

When starting up the BitrixVA virtual machine or a physical server with BitrixEnv package installed, the bvat service automatically sets up the main parameters of Apache, PHP, and MySQL depending on the available memory. It permits to ensure optimum server settings.

However, in some cases, it may become necessary to change certain parameters without disconnecting the bvat service. To introduce such changes to the server settings there exist special configuration files that permit redefining parameters established by the bvat service.

  • MySQL - /etc/mysql/conf.d/z_bx_custom.cnf
  • PHP - /etc/php.d/z_bx_custom.ini
  • Apache - /etc/httpd/bx/conf/z_bx_custom.conf

    If there are no such files you may create them yourself.

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