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Last Modified: 27.08.2014

Upon the first VA, start the server that gets the IP automatically provided that there is a DHCP-server configured in the network.

You can change the server IP in two modes – automatic or manual, if necessary.

Getting IP automatically using DHCP-server

  • To change the local server IP using DHCP-server select main menu item 2. Manage localhost - 2. Configure network interface via DHCP.
  • Select the network interface (here – eth0) and you automatically get the IP from the DHCP-server:

Changing the IP manually

  • To set the IP manually, select main menu item 2. Manage localhost - 3. Configure network interface manually.
  • Select the network interface (here – eth0).
  • Input the following data:

    • Type IP address – new server IP;
    • Type broadcast – network broadcast address;
    • Type network mask – subnet mask;
    • Type default gateway – default gateway;
    • Type DNS server – server DNS.
  • Review the input data and confirm the server network parameters change:

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