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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Here you will have to select a web solution to be installed.

Solution selection

Select the solution you find most appropriate for your website.

  • Community Site Wizard is a neat solution for you to create a social community website, such as, for example, coffee lovers club, book readers club and so on.
  • Corporate Service Site Wizard is a solution oriented to non-manufacturing companies. The wizard creates a sample website to provide banking services.
  • Manufacturer’s Corporate Website Wizard, on the contrary, is a solution oriented to industrial companies. The wizard creates a exemplary website to represent a furniture manufacturer.
  • Personal Site Wizard creates a website devoted to solely represent a person in the Internet.
  • Download From Marketplace is a special option to download and run the website solution from Bitrix Marketplace.
  • Online Store Wizard is a perfect choice for companies willing to sell their products online.
Online Store Wizard and Manufacturer’s Corporate Website Wizard share common steps therefore this guide discusses only upon the Online Store Wizard.

Community Site Wizard and Corporate Service Site Wizard are not discussed here as well because they are similar to Personal Site Wizard.

Note: Steps 9-11 are necessary only for the Download From Marketplace solution.

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