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Last Modified: 21.12.2016
Important: Use Bitrix Web Environment for testing purposes only. We don't recommend using it in release configurations.

The installation of Bitrix Web Environment is very simple. It will not take more than 5 minutes.

Use the Next and Back buttons to navigate through the wizard steps. The Back button allows you to return to a previous step if you need to change the installation preferences. If you want to abort the installation, click Cancel.

Step 1. The Initial Installation Screen

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The first wizard window informs you that the installation is starting and displays the basic information about the product.

  • Click Next. This will open the next step containing the License Agreement.

Step 2. The License Agreement

The License Agreement

Read the Agreement carefully. If you accept the license terms, check the I accept the agreement box. You must accept the License Agreement to continue installation.

  • Click Next to open the next window of the Wizard.

Step 3. Choosing Installation Folder

Destination folder selection

  • Specify the folder to which the Bitrix Web Environment will be installed. The default destination directory is C:\Program Files\Bitrix Environment. To choose a different folder, click Browse and select the folder in the tree, or type the path in the edit box.
  • Click Next to open the next screen.

Step 4. Shortcuts

Start menu shortcuts

This window shows the name of a folder containing the application shortcuts that will be created in the Start menu. By default, the wizard suggests the folder Bitrix Site Manager. You can specify a different folder name.

  • Click Next to go to the next step.

Step 5. More actions

Additional setup tasks

Enable the Add desktop icon option to place a shortcut to Bitrix Web Environment on your desktop.

  • Click Next to go to the next step.

Step 6. Web Server Parameters

Web server parameters

Here you can change the port at which you will connect to the Apache web server.

By default, the web server is configured to respond at port 6448. You can set any other port number (e.g. 6443) unless this port is not in use by other applications (e.g. IIS).

  • Click Next to continue.

Step 7. Ready to install

The installation options review window

This window displays a summary of the installation preferences you have specified in the previous steps. If you need to change the installation preferences, click Back.

  • If you accept the proposed settings, click Install to start installation.

Installing Bitrix Web Environment

Wait until the wizard copies files to your machine.

Step 8. Final Step

The final step of the installation

This window informs that the Bitrix Web Environment files have been successfully copied to your machine. To run Bitrix Web Environment right after closing the installation wizard, enable the Launch Bitrix Environment option. Click Finish to quit the wizard.

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