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Last Modified: 14.01.2021

This chapter is for users and developers of web systems who are installing Bitrix software (Bitrix Site Manager or Bitrix24) for evaluation or migrating to Bitrix Virtual Appliance.

Solutions for the optimization of Bitrix products installation:

  1. Bitrix Virtual Appliance 5.x

    There are VA distribution kits available for:

    • VMWare;
    • VirtualBox;
    • HyperV.
  2. Bitrix Environment for Linux

    Bitrix Environment for Linux is configured for the fast and simple installation of all software (both v. 4.3 and v. 5.0) necessary to operate Bitrix products and solutions on Linux Fedora 12-15 (i386, x86_64), CentOS 5/6 (i386, x86_64), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5/6 (i386, x86_64).

  3. Virtuozzo Application Template for the startup of optimized VPS Bitrix

    Virtuozzo VZ Application Template Kit with Bitrix Environment for Linux solution is configured for installation (creation) on Virtuozzo containers built on Fedora 8-12 32-bit and CentOS 5 32-bit / x86_64 packaged as a Virtuozzo EZ Template.

  4. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

    Amazon EC2 – is a web-service providing scalable processing power and designed for the fast and simple deployment of web-application on Amazon sites (in clouds). Bitrix specialists prepared the preconfigured images of VA (AMI-images) allowing for the fast startup of Bitrix applications on Amazon EC2 and containing:

    • CentOS 6.7;
    • NGINX + Apache2;
    • PHP 5.6+;
    • MySQL5 with InnoDB support;
    • Mail server agent;
    • UNIX-like Control Menu with common tasks;
    • IP address via DHCP, or configured by Amazon Elastic IP;
    • HTTPS support.

    See the list of AMI-images by regions on Bitrix Virtual Appliance: Amazon EC2.

Note: Bitrix Virtual Appliance version 5.x also permits managing pool server scalability in simple visual mode in the administrative interface using the module Scalability.

A description of the virtualization software installation is not included in this manual. If you have any questions on the installation of this program, please see the documentation of corresponding software.

Note. For more information on Bitrix Virtual Appliance v 4.3 go here.

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