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Last Modified: 16.05.2022

Working with chatbots:

MethodMethod Description
imbot.register Chatbot registration.
imbot.unregister Chatbot deletion.
imbot.update Chatbot data update. Getting available chat bots.

Working with chats:

MethodMethod Description Retrieving list of participants. Participants invitation. Participants deletion. Chatbot exit from specified chat. Chat title update. Chat color update. Chat icon update. Creating a chat by chatbot. Getting chat ID. Chat owner change by chatbot.
imbot.dialog.get Getting dialog data.

Working with messages:

MethodMethod Description
imbot.message.add Sends message from chatbot.
imbot.message.update Updates (changes) chatbot message.
imbot.message.delete Deletes chatbot message. Sets message "Like". Sends "Chatbot is typing a message...".

Working with commands:

MethodMethod Description
imbot.command.register Registration of command to be processed by chatbot.
imbot.command.unregister Command processing deletion.
imbot.command.update Command data update.
imbot.command.answer Posting command answer.

Working with events:

EventEvent description
ONAPPINSTALL Application installation event.
ONAPPUPDATE Application update event.
ONIMBOTMESSAGEADD Event for chatbot to receive message.
ONIMBOTMESSAGEUPDATE Event for chatbot to update message.
ONIMBOTMESSAGEDELETE Event for chatbot to delete message.
ONIMCOMMANDADD Event for chatbot to receive a command.
ONIMJOINCHAT Event for chatbot to receive information that it has joined a chat (or private chat).
ONIMBOTDELETE Event to delete chatbot.

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