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  • is a special kind of user in the system that can talk to anyone, but cannot log in to the system;
  • supports slash-commands processing;
  • can have a dedicated keyboard for responses, creating simple chat for a basic terminal.


Slash-commands allow to quickly create requests for input or reception of information, or to format messages.

Note: Detailed information about commands can be found here


Keyboards have quite significant amount of capabilities.

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  • Note: Get more information about keyboards here


    If properly programmed, chatbot can communicate as effectively as a live person. It can post event reminders (about current tasks, meetings) or provide reference information. Chatbots can even go as far as create their own chats and invite human beings to those chats, to discuss a task, for example.

    Note: Get more information about chats here


    Chatbot notifications can used to carry a lot of useful information. The notifications can include various data from multiple external systems.

    Note: Get more information about notifications here

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