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Last Modified: 29.11.2017

Chatbot - is a virtual chat-based bot, a software program that is created to imitate human behavior when conversing with several parties.

What is a chatbot, why it is required, and why develop it at all?

Although chatbots have become a trend only quite recently, today we can find a plethora of them, especially for Slack or Telegram. Chatbots can perform a variety of useful functions ranging from ticket booking to team management. Users don’t have to leave their favorite messenger to communicate with a chatbot.

What a chatbot can do?

  • Perform routine actions - they can do straightforward, tedious work without human intervention; the end result being usually better that, produced by a human, because chatbot cannot get tired;
  • Search and aggregate news and analytical data (Data-Driven Collaboration): data is available anywhere to all interested parties via their messengers;
  • E-commerce - for quick purchases without lengthy search; for communication with customers;
  • Act as a first customer support tier - client relations, assistants, consultants, frequently asked questions, telephony;
  • Just for Fun - just for the fun of it.

Bitrix24 Bot Platform

Bitrix24 chat (both private and group one) is a part of a complex ecosystem, being one of the multiple channels of communication that is fully integrated with other business tools. The use of chatbots in this context leads to a variety of possibilities for business users, since Bitrix24 (in browser, Desktop- and mobile- applications) already serves as the main workplace for many companies.

An example of a simplest chatbot is one that can post the essential information in chats about the parameters of identification system, integrated with Bitrix24. Another useful bot can help delivery couriers to process orders based on deals existing in the Bitrix24 CRM straight in the messenger of their mobile devices - no need to develop a separate mobile application for them.

Development of a chatbot for Bitrix24 - is a lucrative option for workflows automation in a fast and handy fashion. It is handy because getting information via a messenger is the user preference today. It is fast because the development process for a chatbot in Bitrix24 is quite straightforward.

Note: To learn more about Bitrix24 chatbots, view some of the standard, out-of-the-box Bitrix24 chatbots here.

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