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Last Modified: 27.04.2023

Application for the left navigation menu

Embedding code: IM_NAVIGATION

By design this is an application inside chat environment without embedding the app directly into the chat.


Parameter Required Description
iconName Yes Icon class name in the format Font Awesome (for example, fa-cloud).
role No User role that has access to this application (by default, USER). Supports the following values:
  • USER – application is available for all users;
  • ADMIN – application is available only to Bitrix24 administrator.
extranet No Application is available for extranet users (N by default). Supports the following values:
  • N – application is unavailable for extranet users;
  • Y – application is available for extranet users.

The IFRAME opens, but current chat context isn't passed to it (because navigation – is an entity outside chat context).

Application frame is opened inside the chat environment, simulating the general UI grid.

Call example:

        'HANDLER' => '',
        'LANG_ALL' => [
            'en' => [
                'TITLE' => 'Application for the left navigation menu',
        'OPTIONS' => [
            'iconName' => 'fa-check',
            'role' => 'USER',
            'extranet' => 'N',

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