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Last Modified: 09.02.2022

Creates new entities from chat message: new chat, task, Feed post, calendar event

Revision Get current information about current API revision (platform version) – im.revision.get : 30


Parameter Example Required Description Revision
MESSAGE_ID 289 Yes Message ID use to create new entity 30
DIALOG_ID 'chat74' Yes Dialog ID. Format:
  • chatXXX – recipient chat in case of chat message
  • or
  • XXX – recipient ID, in case of private conversation message
TYPE 'TASK' Yes Created entity type:
  • 'CHAT' – creates new chat based on message
  • 'TASK' – creates new task based on message
  • 'POST' – creates Feed post based on message
  • 'CALEND' – creates calendar event based on message

Pass the message having the selection of bot commands.

Called method and response


    MESSAGE_ID: 289,
    DIALOG_ID: 'chat74',
    TYPE: 'CHAT',
  res => {
    if (res.error())

Response example


Example of response on error

  "error_description":"Incorrect params"

Key description:

  • error – error code
  • error_description – error brief description

Possible error codes

Code Description
MESSAGE_ID_ERROR Parameter MESSAGE_ID not specified or isn't an integer
DIALOG_ID_EMPTY Parameter DIALOG_ID not specified or doesn't match the format
ACCESS_ERROR Current user doesn't have access permission to chat or conversation
PARAMS_ERROR Parameter TYPE not specified or doesn't match to the available parameters

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