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The method gets user data

Revision: 18
Get information on the current API revision (platform version) – im.revision.get.


Parameter Example Req. Description Revision
ID 5 No User ID 18
AVATAR_HR N No Generate avatar in high resolution 18
  • If the ID key is not passed, current user data will be selected.

Method call


BX24.callMethod('im.user.get', {ID: 5}, function(result){


$result = restCommand('im.user.get', Array(
	'ID' => 5,
), $_REQUEST["auth"]);	

Example of response

	"result": {
		"id": 5,
		"name": "John Harrington",
		"first_name": "John",
		"last_name": "Harrington",
		"work_position": "",
		"color": "#df532d",
		"avatar": "",
		"gender": "M",
		"birthday": "",
		"extranet": false,
		"network": false,
		"bot": false,
		"connector": false,
		"external_auth_id": "default",
		"status": "online",
		"idle": false,
		"last_activity_date": "2018-01-29T17:35:31+03:00",
		"desktop_last_date": false,
		"mobile_last_date": false,
		"departments": [
		"absent": false,
		"phones": {
		  "work_phone": "",
		  "personal_mobile": "",
		  "personal_phone": ""

Description of keys:

  • id – user ID
  • name – first and last user name
  • first_name – user first name
  • last_name – user last name
  • work_position – position
  • color – user color in 'hex' format
  • avatar – link to avatar (if empty, the avatar is not specified)
  • avatar_hr – link to avatar in high resolution (available only when a query with parameter AVATAR_HR = 'Y')
  • gender – user gender
  • birthday – user birthday in the DD-MM format, if empty – not specified
  • extranet – extranet user attribute (true/false)
  • network – Bitrix24.Network user attribute Bitrix24.Network (true/false)
  • bot – bot attribute (true/false)
  • connector – Open Channel user attribute (true/false)
  • external_auth_id – external authorization code
  • status – user selected status
  • idle – date, when user is not using his/her PC, in ATOM format (if not specified, false)
  • last_activity_date – date of the last user action, in ATOM format
  • mobile_last_date – date of the last action inside mobile app, in ATOM format (if not specified, false)
  • departments – department IDs
  • desktop_last_date – date of the action in the desktop app, in ATOM format (if not specified, false)
  • absent – date, to which the user has a leave of absence, in ATOM format (if not specified, false)
  • phones – array of phone numbers: work_phone – work phone, personal_mobile – mobile phone, personal_phone – personal phone number

Example of response when an error occurs

    "error": "ID_EMPTY",
    "error_description": "User ID can't be empty"

Description of keys:

  • error – error code
  • error_description – brief description of error

Possible error codes

Code Description
ID_EMPTY User ID not passed
USER_NOT_EXISTS User with indicated ID not found
ACCESS_DENIED Current user does not have permissions to access the data

Attention: restCommand function is used here for illustration purposes only. It is taken from the EchoBot example. You can send a REST command with your own function, or use the BX24.callMethod or bitrix24-php-sdk methods.

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