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Last Modified: 05.04.2022

  1. For operations, described in this chapter, knowledge of *nix-systems administration is required. Prior to start of these operations, it is recommended to perform full backup of Bitrix Virtual Appliance.
  2. Provided settings are listed outside the scope of the Virtual Appliance menu. This means that the details below are provided for informational purposes only and should be used with clear understanding of your actions and under your own liability. Bitrix24 technical support reviews the questions related to Virtual Appliance menu items only.

If Windows network disk is required to be connected as storage for WebDAV, the following command can be used:

mount -t cifs -o -fstype=cifs,iocharset=utf8,username=XXXX,password=XXXX,uid=500,gid=501,fmode=0777,noserverino // /home/bitrix/www/docs/folder/smb
  • uid - bitrix user identifier;
  • gid - bitrix group identifier;
  • // - path to network resource;
  • /home/bitrix/www/docs/folder/smb - folder, where the disk will be mounted.

Attention! Use of noserverino option is mandatory, due to existing security vulnerability in PHP.

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