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Last Modified: 05.04.2022

Attention! Provided settings are listed outside the scope of the Virtual Appliance menu. This means that the details below are provided for informational purposes only and should be used with clear understanding of your actions and under your own liability. Bitrix24 technical support reviews the questions related to Virtual Appliance menu items only.

When launching BitrixVA Virtual Appliance or a physical server with BitrixEnv installation package, bvat service automatically configures the main Apache, PHP, MySQL and nginx parameters, depending on the quantity of available memory. This allows to provide optimal server configuration.

In several cases, it is necessary to modify certain parameters without disabling bvat service. To implement such modifications in the server settings, special configuration files are available which allow to re-define parameters, installed by the bvat service. They are stored in the following directories:

  • MySQL - /etc/mysql/conf.d/z_bx_custom.cnf
  • Apache - /etc/httpd/bx/custom/z_bx_custom.conf
  • /etc/nginx/bx/site_ext_enabled/ - additional sites configuration files for its server файлы своих дополнительных сайтов для всего сервера (for example, bx_ext.conf, bx_ext_custom1.conf, and etc.)
  • /etc/nginx/bx/settings/ - settings config files for the complete server http-level settings (for example, z_bx_custom.conf, z_bx_custom1.conf and etc.)
  • /etc/nginx/bx/site_settings/<SITE_NAME>/ - personal settings for specific site, starting from BitrixVM version 7.5 or beta version 7.4.10 (for example, /etc/nginx/bx/site_settings/

These directories can contain either a single or several nginx configuration files. File name is not important: such files must contain conflict-free settings.
  • PHP - /etc/php.d/z_bx_custom.ini
  • Attention! All modifications of standard configuration files Apache, PHP, MySQL and nginx can be lost when updating BitrixVM/BitrixEnv Virtual Appliance. To avoid such loss, only the file type z_bx_custom.* specified above for each service, must contain all re-defined parameters.

    You have to re-launch corresponding services: MySQL, Apache or nginx to enable the redefined parameters.

    Example of updating the parameters in the file z_bx_custom.cnf

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