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Last Modified: 05.08.2020

PHP and MySQL are not automatically updated during the BitrixVA update. They can be updated manually via the virtual appliance menu item 1. Manage hosts in the pool - 8. Upgrade PHP and MySQL versions.

Note: Menu item 1. Manage servers in the pool - 8. Upgrade PHP and MySQL versions appears only in BitrixVM version 5.1.x and higher.

Attention! Presently, there are several available PHP versions: 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 и 7.2. To use the option to update PHP to the required version (7.0 – 7.1 – 7.2), it is necessary to update PHP version to 5.6 and MySQL to 5.5 via the menu item 1. Manage servers in the pool - 8. Upgrade PHP and MySQL versions and proceed with updating PHP sequentially to version 7.0 and then to version 7.1 and finally, to version 7.2. via the same menu item.

If you need to roll back from PHP version to 5.6, it can be done by proceeding with rolling back the PHP versions as follows: 7.2 > 7.1 > 7.0 > 5.6 using the menu item 1. Rollback php to х.х version

If you have updated BitrixVA/BitrixEnv to version 7.1 and higher, then you will have an option to update MySQL version to 5.7 Percona DB. It can be done via selection of item 2. Upgrade MySQL to 5.7 version:

Attention! Task execution may take a rather long time (up to 2-3 hours and more) depending on the task complexity, data volume used in such tasks, capacity and server load. You can check the currently executed tasks by using menu item 5. Background tasks in the pool > 1. View running tasks. If task completion log files are needed to be reviewed, they are located in the following directory /opt/webdir/temp.

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