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Last Modified: 05.04.2022

For a BitrixVA based project, just like for any other web project, data safety is always one of the most cherished and cared for aspects.

Since version 4.0, Bitrix Virtual Appliance includes an option to create automatic backups of the website (the contents of /bitrix/home/www/) and the database. The backup files are saved as .tar.gz archives in /home/bitrix/backup/archive/ according to the schedule.

To configure automatic backup, do the following.

  • Select 17. Start/Stop site backup in the menu:

  • Specify how often and when the backup will be created:

    Note: Bitrix Virtual Appliance uses UTC+4 as its default timezone.

That's all, actually. The backups will be created according to the schedule you have set.

To create backups for other websites previously added using the menu item 13, specify the paths to those websites in /home/bitrix/ext_www/. If the websites are found, you will be prompted to add them to the backup:

Virtual Machine Versions Prior to 4.х

When using legacy versions of BitrixEnv or BitrixVA, you can easily schedule the creation of the backup by using an external script freely available at the Birtix website. It will archive the contents of /bitrix/home/www/ and put the archive copy in /home/bitrix/backup/archive/.

By default, the backup script will start nightly at 2:30 AM. You may change the schedule in /etc/crontab.

To enable backups on a legacy virtual machine, run the following commands:

chmod +x

Remember to keep track of the free disk space and occasionally delete unneeded backups.

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