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BitrixVM Virtual Appliance nginx configuration:

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Site configuration files are setup when site is created and can be updated depending on the selected action.

  • /etc/nginx/nginx.conf – main configuration file for nginx (changed upon update).
  • /etc/nginx/bx/ – main catalog for storage of virtual appliance configuration files.
  • /etc/nginx/bx/conf/ – catalog with general configuration files, most frequently connected directly to site config.
    • bitrix.conf – for sites with disabled composite component ( changed upon update).
    • bitrix_general.conf – used for any site (changed upon update).
    • ssl.conf – certificate settings by default (changed upon update).
  • /etc/nginx/bx/maps/ – storage catalog for general and personal site variables, provided as nginx maps.
  • /etc/nginx/bx/settings/ – catalog with personal configs for a site. By default (if corresponding updates is installed) contains settings for storage temporary site files (BX_TEMPORARY_FILES_DIRECTORY) and sending these files via nginx.
  • /etc/nginx/bx/site_available/ – catalog with existing sites (or virtual hosts).
    • s1.conf и ssl.s1.conf – default site configs for http and https respectively.
    • bx_ext_<SITE_NAME>.conf and bx_ext_ssl_<SITE_NAME>.conf – configs for http and https respectively.
  • /etc/nginx/bx/site_enabled/ – catalog with connected sites (in majority cases. symlinks for site_available).
  • /etc/nginx/bx/site_ext_enabled/ – catalog with site configs, not connected with Bitrix-environment.

Personal settings

All changes in standard nginx configuration files can be lost during updating or modifying BitrixVM Virtual Appliance settings. To avoid this, individual specific files and storage locations are available for personal settings.

Global nginx settings for the complete server is available in the file /etc/nginx/bx/settings/z_bx_custom.conf, as well as in the file /etc/nginx/bx/site_ext_enabled/.

Personal settings for specific site are available in the directory /etc/nginx/bx/site_settings/<SITE_NAME>/ (starting from BitrixVM version 7.5 or beta version 7.4.10).

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