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Last Modified: 18.01.2021

CentOS version 6 or 7 is used for bitrix-env installation. CentOS was chosen due to widespread use of this operating system, large support community as well as for significant experience in using within Bitrix24 infrastructure.

Repository – is a file storage, organized in a specific order. It stores software packages, available for further distribution.

BitrixVM virtual appliance packages are stored in a special Bitrix yum-repository, located in CloudFront (AmazonCDN).

Bitrix repository contains the following software packages:

  • bitrix-env and bitrix-env-crm – main visual appliance, contains the necessary services, configuration files, ansible scenarios and scripts.

    bitrix-env package – is a full-fledged BitrixVM Virtual Appliance. It is suitable for any Bitrix24 product deployment: necessary service packages are downloaded, server settings are created depending on the equipment configuration, as well as /home/bitrix/www/ default site directory is created with required scripts and configuration files to select the deployed Bitrix24 products.

    bitrix-env-crm package – is a bitrix-env specific instance, developed for Bitrix24.СRM edition. It downloads necessary service packages, creates server settings depending on equipment configuration, launches push-service, deploys Bitrix24.СRM On-premise edition in /home/bitrix/www/.

  • push-server – Node.js service for handling the push & pull module in Bitrix24 products. This service ensures instant message exchange.
  • bx-nginx – collected from nginx (stable) source codes without patches, but with several modules added that are required for Bitrix24 products and environment to operate successfully. For example, the mod_zip module allows sending files as archive at nginx server.
  • bx-ansible – collected from ansible source codes without patches. However, it is a stable fixed version, so that no RedHat updates could brake virtual appliance performance due to frequent ansible versions incompatibility.

Additional repositories, used for BitrixVM:

  • REMI – used for php 7.x packages.
  • Epel – for package dependencies from REMI-repositories.
  • Perconapercona-server 5.7 and percona-toolkit packages.
  • NodeJSnodejs package.

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