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Last Modified: 18.01.2021

VMBitrix is provided in 2 editions:

  1. Linux (BitrixEnv)

    This is a special script for a quick and simple installation of the complete software package, required for Bitrix24 software products to operate on Linux-based platforms CentOS 6 (i386, x86_64) and CentOS 7 (x86_64).

    Installation is performed at hardware or virtual server using several commands. Find more details in the section Installation of Bitrix Environment (BitrixEnv) for Linux.

  2. VMBitrix ready-to-use images.

    VMBitrix specifically is designed for Bitrix24 products fast performance. It's deployed in minutes and immediately is ready for use! VMBitrix can be used not only for existing Bitrix trial editions but also for deploying already existing projects.

    • VMBitrix images are available for hypervisors: VMWare, Sphere, VirtualBox and HyperV.

      They can be downloaded here.

    • Preconfigured BitrixVM (AMI-images) images for Bitrix24 apps quick launch in Amazon EC2.

      List of AMI-images for various Amazon EC2 regions also can be taken from here.

Both variants are very similar: BitrixVM completed images are assembled based on the same script, each image with additional drives included for handling its hypervisor and scripts for Amazon EC2 service. packets are updated more frequently, than BitrixVM images. That's why, on first image launch, its preferable to launch BitrixVM update via the menu.

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