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Last Modified: 15.12.2021

This article provides list of some email services.


  • From Email address – your address used to send emails (example:
  • Server address or DNS –
  • Server port – 587
  • SMTP authentication – yes
  • Login – your full login (example:
  • SMTP authentication method – auto
  • Enable TLS – yes
Note: Gmail service can block smtp connection for security reasons. Find more details on how to change account access settings for unsecure applications in Google documentation.

Other services

Settings for other smtp services can be found via the links below:

MSMTP logs storage

MSMTP logs can always be reviewed for sent emails-related errors. Such logs are located at this directory: /home/bitrix/.

Each individual site has its dedicated MSMTP log, with log name containing site name – msmtp_{SiteName}.log. For example, default site will have the name msmtp_default.log.

Important! SMTP services can have custom limits for sending email campaigns and can limit such campaigns up to complete blocking of email account used for email campaigns.

For example, Google has a default limit for emails: 500 emails per 24 hours. When an email has several recipients, each email is deemed as separate email. This daily limit can change based on service custom algorithms for calculation user credibility.

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