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This section is dedicated to special VA-solutions for users and developers of web systems who are installing Bitrix24 software for evaluation or migration to Bitrix Virtual Appliance. Such users can transfer projects from a remote website to Virtual Appliance, migrate projects between different VAs, etc.

Bitrix Virtual Appliance saves time and effort for Bitrix24 product-based site or intranet data resource deployment and administration.

Bitrix Virtual Appliance is a free software product, a ready-to-use and fully configured, tested and adapted virtual server for optimal performance with both Bitrix24 products and any PHP applications.

Chapters, dedicated to Bitrix Virtual Appliance (VA) and Bitrix Web Environment (BitrixEnv) are equally applicable to installation and launch of both services.

Solutions to optimize Bitrix24 products:

    Bitrix Virtual Appliance 7.x

    Bitrix Virtual Appliance is specifically configured to provide fast execution of Bitrix24 software products: program deployment lasts only a couple of minutes and the appliance is ready for use! You can install both Bitrix24 product demonstration versions and your own completed projects on the Virtual Appliance.

    Bitrix Virtual Appliance includes:

    • mysql-server 5.*
    • web-server (Apache 2.4.*)
    • php 7.х, 8.x
    • nginx 1.20
    • memcached
    • stunnel
    • catdoc
    • xpdf
    • munin
    • nagios
    • sphinx

The following Bitrix VA distribution packages are available for:

  • VMWare;
  • OVA (Sphere and etc.);
  • VirtualBox;
  • HyperV.
  • Bitrix Environment for Linux

    Bitrix Environment for Linux is configured for the fast and simple installation of all software that is necessary for Bitrix24 products and solutions to operate on CentOS 6 (x86_64) and CentOS 7 (x86_64).

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

    Amazon EC2 – is a web-service that provides scalable processing power and is designed for the fast and simple deployment of a web-application on Amazon sites (in clouds). Preconfigured VA (AMI) images were prepared by Bitrix24 specialists to allow fast startup of Bitrix24 applications on Amazon EC2 and contain the following:

    • CentOS 7;
    • NGINX + Apache2;
    • PHP 7.x;
    • MySQL5 with InnoDB support;
    • Mail server agent;
    • UNIX-like Control Menu with common tasks;
    • IP address via DHCP, or configured by Amazon Elastic IP;
    • HTTPS support.

    See the list of AMI-images by regions on Bitrix Virtual Appliance: Amazon EC2.

  • Note: Bitrix Virtual Appliance version 7.x also permits managing pool server scalability in simple visual mode in the administrative interface via the Scalability module.

    The description of how to install the virtualization software is not included in this manual. If you have any questions on the installation of this program, please see the documentation for corresponding software.

    Note: For more information on Bitrix Virtual Appliance v 4.3 and v 5 go here.

    Attention! This learning course lists all host, server names, e-mail, IP- addresses and similar information as an example. It is necessary to use your own data during installation of Virtual Appliance.

    Attention! If the default (password-protected) SSL-sertificate in BitrixVA or in BitrixEnv is modified, it causes problems in the wizards and server re-launch operation. Password input will be requested continuously. To avoid such problems, password should be deleted from the certificate:
    /path/to/openssl rsa -in /path/to/originalkeywithpass.key -out /path/to/newkeywithnopass.key

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