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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

A frequent question is whether one has to buy additional licenses for sites if there is the need for several languages mirrors.

In this case, you should first sift what exactly you want to present in different languages and which actions will be performed on the site objects. Here are some examples of such situations:

  • whether you want to analyse the statistics of site hits separately by language sections;
  • whether different language sections are to have their own currencies, permissions for orders etc.;
  • whether advertising and web forms on your sites are to be flexibly targeted.

If the information is presented mainly in static pages and news blocks or catalog, you may simply split the content in defferent sections, for example, by allocating a separate folder for each language. Separate information blocks and forms can be created for different languages similarly.

Correspondingly, each language section of the site may contain its news blocks and catalogues. To do so, choose an appropriate information block in the component settings.

Note! Different site sections can use different templates. You can assign an individual code page for each template. Thus, you can give each language section an individual design.

The use of different sites simplifies configuring; additionally, you can specify the date format for displaying news etc. For each site, you can effectively analyse statistics, manage currencies, restrict access to orders in the e-Store.

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