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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

First step in implementing pages for the news display is to create the appropriate information block in the administrative interface and populate it with elements; that is, the news.

When creating a new information block, you have to specify the path to a page with the list of elements of this block (news) and the path to a page with the detailed view of an element (a single news).

The above-mentioned pages must be present in the site structure. For example, /about/news/index.php for the list of news and /about/news/detail.php for the news details.

You can create pages in any way you like: using either the Site Explorer module or WYSIWYG editor.

After you have created a new page, place the required components in it. If you are working with the news list page, drag and drop the News List component from the palette on the page. Drag and drop the News Details component on the page intended to display the news details.

If you wish to arrange the news export to RSS, place a descriptive image in the page (RSS 2.0) and apply a link to it. The link should point to an existing page (e.g. /about/news/rss.php) with the RSS Export component placed in it.

Please note that you should make sure that the RSS export is allowed for the given information block.

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