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Last Modified: 29.08.2013

To create a new page property open the Site Explorer module settings page:

Settings -> System settings -> Module settings -> Site Explorer.

Then find the group of fields Property types (Website Parameters section):

In this form, you will find properties types in the form of text strings (title, keywords_inner etc.) and names (short descriptions) of these types.

The product has several reserved types of properties used by some system functions. Reserved properties include:

  • title – used to set the additional page title;
  • adv_desired_target_keywords – used to set the desirable keywords for the advertisement shows;
  • not_show_nav_chain – used to disable the navigational chain (breadcrumb navigation) for page or section.

Property types intended for managing and using properties values in source code. It is strongly recommended to not modify types of reserved properties. They could already be used in the product code.

Propery names are intended for properties values management through the system visual interface. You can edit the property names, if you want.

Properties values can be assign through the system visual interface as well as in the source code.

You can create your own page property types by using the empty form fields. For example, you can create a keyword property (the HTML equivalent keywords), a page description property (description), an author property (author). Only the Roman letters are allowed in the property names.

A set of properties can be assigned individually for one site or for all sites simultaneously.

Note! Properties "keywords" and "description" are used as the page metadata. Therefore, their names must be the same as the HTML meta tag attribute values (KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION).

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