Method for getting data on connection to real-time servers and instant communications within applications.

Thanks to available connection to RT server, you can:

  • create a truly interactive application,
  • change statues,
  • immediately update interface without refreshing page in real time.

Note: method returns data on server connections, created specifically for your REST application. You can get only your events within these channels.


Parameter Example RequiredDescription
CACHE Y / N Нет Return cached data or no data. Set to Y by default.



BX24.callMethod('pull.application.config.get', {
	'CACHE': 'Y',
}, function(result){


$result = restCommand('pull.application.config.get', [
	'CACHE': 'Y',
], $_REQUEST["auth"]);

Пример ответа

    "result": {
        "server": {
            "version": 4,
            "server_enabled": true,
            "long_polling": "",
            "long_polling_secure": "",
            "websocket_enabled": true,
            "websocket": "ws://",
            "websocket_secure": "wss://"
            "publish_enabled": true,
			"publish": "",
			"publish_secure": ""
        "channels": {
            "shared": {
                "id": "46a437d2336d4a88e4e9b3cd956ecf45.7910bb25e660bf211fdec15e33c5e25e4c3b644a",
                "start": "2017-06-28T12:04:00+02:00",
                "end": "2017-06-29T00:04:00+02:00",
                "type": "shared"
            "private": {
                "id": "925153cd80b6b5a4dbf8659d5be21d1:abe9e6964532000ab8b7acf092ba627b.605ea91793ad24be3f9745d662713b23a5803a94",
                "public_id": "abe9e6964532000ab8b7acf092ba627b.057ac8625ae4ac0da4ed093a19950f9dab7e29d0",
                "start": "2017-06-28T09:57:48+02:00",
                "end": "2017-06-28T21:57:48+02:00",
                "type": "private"

Object server describes server configuration and paths for connection to real-time channel. Object keys:

  • version - installed server version,
  • server_enabled - server connection activation,
  • websocket_enabled - web socket activation.
  • long_pooling and websocket - connection paths,
  • long_pooling_secure and websocket_secure - connection paths when using https protocol,
  • publish_enabled - enabling/disabling option to publish a message Available starting from queue server version 4. from clients,
  • publish and publish_secure - paths for publishing messages from client.
  • clientId - unique portal ID at cloud-based push server. Returns when portal uses cloud push serverPush notification are small pop up windows appearing on the mobile phone screen or standard PC, informing about important events and updates. Sites (that user is subscribed to) act as initiators. Opposite to Push technology is Pull technology, where information is requested by user himself.

Object channels describes data for user connection to communication channels. Keys:

  • shared - account's general communication channel. This channel publishes commands for all account users (including extranet users).
  • private - user private channel. This channel publishes commands only for current user.

Channel's array contains:

  • id - channel ID;
  • public_id - public channel ID Available only for queue server version 4 and only for private channels ;
  • start - time when channel created (in ATOM format);
  • end - time when channel stopped operating (in ATOM format);
  • type - channel type.

Response example when error occurs

    "error": "SERVER_ERROR",
    "error_description": "Push & Pull server is not configured"


  • error - error code
  • error_description - error brief description

Possible error codes

Code Description
SERVER_ERROR Module Push & Pull is not configured for handling queue server.
WRONG_AUTH_TYPE Method can be used only within OAuth 2.0 or via webhooks.

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