Color Themes

Presently, the system has color themes that are listed below. Please consider that the template has both visual display theme (forms, colors) and fonts theme. Template-based template is always created in a specific color theme and with a specific fonts theme. Generally, these two themes match: fonts theme is an additional small-sized file. Then, when user changes a visual theme, font theme remains the same and can be changed only by the developer via software modifications. It is a system-wide behaviour.

Theme code Theme name
1construction Amber
2business Violet blue
3corporate Malibu
accounting Green yellow
agency Pastel red
app Medium turquoise
architecture Sunset
charity Yellow
consulting Light green sea
courses Medium aquamarine
event Amaranthine
gym Crayola Indigo
lawyer Carmine Pink
music Wild watermelon
photography Petroleum
real-estate Orange sunset
restaurant Crimson
shipping Red
spa Citrus
travel Cinnabar
wedding Cranberry

Note. Names with digits in front - is not a mistake. Some of colors have such names.

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