For developers

This module is used to create custom web services and clients for third-party web services.

Before using this module, check its installation status and connect it via the following structure:

<?    if(CModule::IncludeModule("webservice")){  
//module functions and classes can be used here

The module includes the following Components 2.0:

Module components
Name Name in the bitrix namespace Description
Check Authentication webservice.checkauth Returns user data, if the user is authorized correctly. This component can be viewed as an example of realized web service, containing user authentication checks and authenticated user data retrieval (component is not described).
SOAP&WSDL server webservice.server Implements an endpoint for configured web service based on SOAP/WSDL.
Statistics module web services webservice.statistic Web service that passes site statistics data. For example, for statistics gadget at the Windows Vista OS side panel.
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