string abs_path,
 string lang = false

The function is used to include language files into scripts located in the current site template directory. The function is usually used in components, or in the site prologue and/or epilogue.

Language file search algorithm:

  1. First, the language file will be searched in the following folder:

    /bitrix/templates/current site template ID/lang/language ID/relative path to script

  2. If the file is not found, the search will continue in the following folder:

    /bitrix/templates/.default/lang/language ID/relative path to script

  3. If the file is still not found, the module installation folder is searched:

    /bitrix/modules/module ID/install/templates/lang/language ID/relative path to script

Commonly, a "relative path to script"

Generally, a "relative path to script" is the path to file relative to the folder /bitrix/templates/current site template ID/.

In specific instances, when including components, the "relative path to script", is the component inclusion path passed to the CMain::IncludeFile method as the first parameter.

Function parameters

abs_path Absolute path to file for which the language message file is to be included.
langThe language ID.
Optional parameter. By default, the current language is used (false).

See Also

  • IncludeModuleLangFile

    Examples of use

    // Include language file into the current component
    // The language file is assumed to be stored in standard location

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