string abs_path,
 string lang = false,
 bool ReturnArray=false

The function includes language file for a script, full path to which is passed in the path parameter. As a rule, this function is used to connect language files to modules.

The connected language file must have the same name as the script file from which the function is called. The language file must be located in the following directory:/bitrix/modules/module ID/lang/language ID/path to file relative to module root

Function parameters

ParameterDescription Available from version
abs_path Absolute path to file for which the language message file is to be included.
lang Language ID.
Optional parameter, equals false by default (current language).
ReturnArray Array of returned values.
Optional parameter, equals false by default.

See Also

  • IncludeTemplateLangFile

    Examples of use

    // Include language file for the current script

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