Event list

Event Description Available from version
SidePanel.Slider:onOpen Called on opening a slider. Opening action can be cancelled.
SidePanel.Slider:onOpenComplete Called, when slider is fully "extended" on a page. Slider content may not be fully loaded yet.
SidePanel.Slider:onLoad Called, when slider content has loaded.
SidePanel.Slider:onClose Called before closing the slider. Closing action can be cancelled. Example for cancelling the opening^
BX.addCustomEvent("SidePanel.Slider:onClose", function(event) {
   if (event.getSlider().getUrl() === "calendar:settings") //for global handlers, check our slider
SidePanel.Slider:onCloseComplete Called, when slider has been fully closed.
SidePanel.Slider:onCloseByEsc Called before closing slider using Escape key button. Closing action can be cancelled. Event is completed before the onClose.
SidePanel.Slider:onDestroy Called before destroying a slider.
SidePanel.Slider:onFrameFocus Called at any focus at iframe-page.
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