Before using the module, check whether it is installed or not and connect it via the following structure:

if (CModule::IncludeModule("blog"))
   //module functions can be used here

Module includes the following Components 2.0:
Module components
Name Name within the namespace Description
Blogs (composite component) blog Creates fully functional public interface for a blog.
Blog posts Shows blog posts with the option to filter them by category and date.
Blog posts drafts Shows unpublished blogposts of the current blog user.
Blog edit Modifies blog parameters and settings.
Favorite blogposts Shows list of favorite blogposts based on the blog owner checkmarks (when blog posts are created, the blog owner specifies the blogpost sorting index).
Calendar blog.calendar Shows blog posts calendar.
Blog tags blog.category Edits blog posts tags.
Commented blog posts blog.commented_posts Shows blog posts with the highest number of comments for the specified period.
Friends messages blog.friends Shows messages of blog user fiends.
Group blogs Shows group blogs.
Blog groups blog.groups Shows non-empty blog groups.
Blog information Shows information about the blog with list of tags.
Blogs menu Shows blog menu.
New blogs blog.new_blogs Shows new blogs.
New comments blog.new_comments Shows the latest comments to blog posts.
New messages blog.new_posts Shows the latest blog posts of the current site.
Latest blog posts in all blogs blog.new_posts.list Shows the latest blog posts with page-by-page navigation.
Popular blogs blog.popular_blogs Shows popular blogs.
Popular blog posts blog.popular_posts Shows the most viewed blog posts for the specified period.
Blog post details Shows blog post details.
Blog post comments Shows comments to blog post with option to add new comment.
Blog post editing Creates new or edits already existing blog posts.
Trackbacks and blog posts Shows Trackbacks and Trackback address for the blog post.
Gets Trackbacks to a blog post Gets a Trackback to a blog post.
Blog RSS blog.rss Shows RSS for blogs in the specified format.
Blogs RSS per groups/sites blog.rss.all Shows group blogs RSS or site RSS in the specified format.
Links to the blogs RSS Shows links to the blogs RSS.
Search in blogs Shows non-empty blog groups.
User profile blog.user Allows to view and modify user profile.
Blog user groups Edits blog user groups.
Blog user settings blog.user.settings Allows to configure blog users: add to friends, delete.
Blog user settings edit blog.user.settings.edit Allows to configure user binding to blog groups.
Get data in metaWeblog format blog.metaweblog Imports data in MetaWeblog format.
Pre-moderated blog posts Shows blog posts that require to be moderated.
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