Extension contains general styles, methods for handing page addresses and other general methods.


To get actual instance for this class, use the method BX.Rpa.Manager.Instance.

Editor methods

Method Description Available from version
static addEditor(typeId: number, itemId: number, editor) Registers the editor for element ID itemId of process with type typeId.
static getEditor(typeId: number, itemId: number): ?Object Returns editor object (BX.UI.EntityEditor) for element with ID itemId of process with type typeId.

Methods for getting references

Method Description Available from version
setUrlTemplates(urlTemplates: Object): Manager Sets reference templates.

The following methods are named getters for getting links

  • getTasksUrl(typeId: number, itemId: number): ?Uri
  • getItemDetailUrl(typeId: number, itemId: number = 0): ?Uri
  • getStageListUrl(typeId: number): ?Uri
  • getFieldsListUrl(typeId: number): ?Uri
  • getFieldDetailUrl(typeId: number, fieldId: number): ?Uri

Page opening methods

Method Description Available from version
static openSlider(url, options): Promise<?BX.SidePanel.Slider> Opens slider by url with set of parameters options.

Returns Promise, in which resolve returns slider object BX.SidePanel.Slider.

openTasks(typeId: number, itemId: number): Promise<{isCompleted: boolean}> Opens slider with current element itemId activities of process type typeId. Returns object:
  • isCompleted: boolean - flag that confirms if activity was completed in slider
  • item: ?{} - element data after activity is completed
openKanban(typeId: number): boolean Changes link to kanban page for process type typeId. Returns false, when unable to generate the link.
openTypeDetail(typeId: number, options: ?{}): ?Promise<?BX.SidePanel.Slider> Opens process config slider.
openItemDetail(typeId: number, itemId: number = 0, options: ?{} = {}): ?Promise<?BX.SidePanel.Slider> Opens element card slider.
openStageList(typeId: number): ?Promise<?BX.SidePanel.Slider> Opens stage config slider.
openFieldsList(typeId: number): ?Promise<?BX.SidePanel.Slider> Opens slider with fields list.
openFieldDetail(typeId: number, fieldId: number, options: {}): ?Promise<?BX.SidePanel.Slider> Opens slider with fields settings.

Other methods

Method Description Available from version
static calculateTextColor(baseColor) Calculates text color by background color.

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