Template layout

Attention! We strongly recommend first to learn more about Sites module REST documentation to understand how the module functions (with REST available in Bitrix24 Self-hosted editions). View this documentation as useful source when working with Bitrix24 Self-hosted editions and find out more details about API and only REST is not enough.

Description for methods that handle templates.

Inherited methods add, delete, update, getlist of base class \Bitrix\Landing\Internals\BaseTable.

Class Description Available from version
landingIsArea Defines page use as included area somewhere.
deleteArea Deletes any binding/association for specified page as included area.
getForLanding Gets list of included areas for page.
getForSite Gets list of included areas for site.
setForLanding Sets up included areas for pages within specific template.
setForSite Sets up included areas for site within specific template.
getList Returns list of template IDs.

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