Methods for Site entity

Attention! We strongly recommend first to learn more about Sites module REST documentation to understand how the module functions (with REST available in Bitrix24 Self-hosted editions). View this documentation as useful source when working with Bitrix24 Self-hosted editions and when you want to learn more about API.

Description for methods used to handle Site entity.

Class Description Available from version
getList Gets list of sites.
add Adds a site.
update Update a site.
delete Deletes a site
getPublicUrl Gets full site URL
markDelete Moves site to recycle bin.
markUnDelete Returns site from recycle bin.
fullExport Exports site and all its pages into an array.
ping Checks site accessibility and availability, if it exists.
switchDomain "Switches" site domain between each other.
addLandingToMenu Adds page to site menu.
addByTemplate Adds site by template.
addFolder Adds folder to site.
updateFolder Updates folder in site.
getFolder Gets folder in site.
getFolders Gets site folders.
publicationFolder Publishes site folder.
copyFolders Copies all folders from one site to another, without pages.
getPreview Returns site preview image URL.
publication Publishes site and all its pages and folders.
unpublic Removes site from publication and all its pages and folders.
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