Information blocks

\Bitrix\Iblock namespace for the Information blocks module.

Before using the module, check if it is installed and connect it via the following structure:


Class, namespaceDescription
BizprocTypeNamespace contains classes for handling user Iblock fields values in workflows.
ComponentNamespace contains component support classes.
ElementTableClass for handling iblock table items.
ModelNamespace contains classes for unified management of properties.
HelpersNamespace contains helper classes.
IblockFieldTableClass for handling iblock table fields.
IblockGroupTableClass for handling iblock access permission table.
IblockMessageTableClass for handling table with signatures and Iblock object titles.
IblockRssTableClass for handling table of associations to be uploaded to RSS.
IblockSiteTableClass for handling Iblock table with associations to sites.
IblockTableClass for handling Iblock table.
InheritedPropertyNamespace contains classes with inherited calculated properties.
InheritedPropertyTableClass for handling table with templates of calculated inherited properties.
PropertyEnumerationTableClass for handling table with List property type enumerations.
PropertyIndexNamespace contains classes with Iblock indexes.
PropertyTableClass for handling Iblock property table.
SectionElementTableClass for handling section item table.
SectionPropertyTableClass for handling property section table.
SectionTableClass for handling Iblock section table.
SenderEventHandlerTechnical class for handling Email marketing module.
SequenceTableClass for handling counter table.
TemplateContains classes for handling SEO property templates.
TypeLanguageTableClass for handling language parameters table for Iblock types.
TypeTableClass for handling iblock type table.

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