ABTestTable class for handling data from A/B tests.

Method Description Available from version
getMap Returns list of fields with types.
getTableName Returns database table name for corresponding to this entity.

Table with A/B testing data

Field Description Type Required
ID Test Y
SITE_ID Site ID.varchar(255) Y
ACTIVE Active status key (Y/N). char(1) Y
ENABLED Start readiness key: Y - configured test, ready for start; T - test tempalte, cannot be launched until config is finished; N - unavailable test.char(1) Y
NAME Test name.varchar(255) N
DESCR Test description.text N
TEST_DATA Test settings (for example, which page is replaced). text Y
START_DATE Test start date. datetime N
STOP_DATE Test finish date. datetime N
DURATION Test duration in days. int Y
PORTION Traffic percentage, assigned for test. int Y
USER_ID User who launched or stopped the test. int N
SORT Test sort index. int N
MIN_AMOUNT Minimum number of hits in each test branch, required for reaching sufficient statistics capacity. int N

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