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The First Run

When the system is starting, it opens a browser window in which you will continue the installation and configuration of Bitrix24:

  • If the product is installed jointly with the Bitrix Web Environment package, the installation of the product will start at the fourth step (Product registration) of the Installation Wizard.
  • If the product is installed in a separately installed Bitrix Web Environment, the Installation Wizard will start at the first step.

Subsequent Runs

You can run Bitrix24:

  • by activating the shortcut on the Desktop (if you have chosen to create it);
  • by running BitrixEnv.exe located in the system installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Bitrix Environment\).

Using the Taskbar Icon

After the system has been launched, the Bitrix Web Environment icon becomes visible in the system tray.

When visible, this icon indicates that all the applications required by the system are up and running. You can now start working with Bitrix24.

Right-click on the icon to bring up the context menu.

The menu includes the following commands:

  • Open:opens the public section (i.e. the index page visible to visitors) of the site in your browser;
  • Settings: go to the start-up settings of the Bitrix applications;
  • Environment: go to the menu where you can start, stop, or restart the Bitrix Web Environment service.
  • About product: navigates to the Bitrix company site;
  • Exit: closes all the applications required by Bitrix24 (web server, database etc.).

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