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Step 1. The Initial Installation Screen

The first step of the installation wizard

The first wizard window informs you that the installation is starting and displays the basic information about the product.

  • Click Next. This will open the next step containing the Bitrix24 License Agreement.

Step 2. The License Agreement

The License Agreement

Read the Agreement carefully. If you accept the license terms, check the I accept the agreement box. You must accept the License Agreement to continue installation. Click Next to open the next window of the Wizard.

Step 3. Bitrix Environment and Encoding

Setting up Bitrix Environment

If you do not have Bitrix Environment installed on your machine, do the following:

  • Enable the Install Bitrix Environment option.

This will download and run bitrix_env.exe, the Bitrix Environment package (see Installing Bitrix Web Environment) which will install all the required third-party software: MySQL 5.0.51, Apache 2.2.15, PHP 5.3.2, Catdoc - MS Office file indexing, xpdf- Adobe PDF file indexing, msmtp E-Mail Manager.

Important: If you refuse to install Bitrix Environment, the wizard will proceed to the destination folder selection step. In this case, you will have to install all the required software manually. However, if, having installed Bitrix24 you find that you cannot install these applications without assistance, simply run the Wizard again.
  • If you plan to use multiple languages on your site, enable UTF-8 encoding.
  • Click Next.

If you have previously installed Bitrix Environment package, uncheck the Install Bitrix Environment option. Confirm that you do not want to download and install it:

Bitrix Environment installation warning

This will open the destination folder selection window.

Destination folder selection

  • Specify the folder in which the Bitrix24 files will be unpacked and click Next.

The installation confirmation window will appear.

The installation confirmation window

Review all settings. At this step, you still can change them if required by clicking Back.

  • Click Install. The installation progress window will show (step 5).

Step 4. Ready to Install

This window displays a summary of the installation preferences you have specified in the previous steps. Click Back if you need to change settings.

Installation information

  • If you accept the proposed settings, click Install to start installation.

If you have chosen to download and install Bitrix Environment, the web environment installation wizard will start (see Installing Bitrix Web Environment). When it completes, the step 5 will follow.

Step 5. Copying Files

The installation of Bitrix24 is now starting.

Installing Bitrix24

When the installation completes, the last window will open notifying that all the files have been copied successfully.

Step 6. Final Step

The final step of the installation

This window informs that Bitrix24 files have been successfully copied to your machine.

  • To run Bitrix24 right after closing the installation wizard, enable the Run Bitrix24 option.
  • Click Finish to quit the wizard.

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