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Last Modified: 01.07.2015

A meeting can be created as a new event and as a follow up of a previous meeting.

Creating a New Meeting

A new meeting is created using the command New meeting on the page Company > Meetings and briefings. The form for creating a meeting will open:

Fill in the form fields. The nature of the majority of the fields is quite clear from their names. Some comments to the fields, however, are not immediately evident:

  • When setting the Duration of the meeting, do not forget to indicate the units of measure of such duration, either hours or minutes.
  • Attendees can be selected similarly to selection in Tasks.
  • Administrative Assistant can be selected from the attendees of the meeting only.
  • Location can be selected from among the meeting rooms available as well as added manually as a text.

Creating an Agenda

Use the area Agenda when creating topics for the agenda. The procedure for creating topics and sub-topics is intuitive. The following commands can be used when creating items for the agenda:

  • 1 - Commands for changing work modes. The Agenda mode is used to set up an agenda and the mode Minutes is used to keep a report on the agenda topics and to create additional topics arising outside the agenda. The mode Minutes is available for the meeting currently in progress or for a finished meeting.
  • 2 - This field can be used to drag topics over, thus changing their order of priority.
  • 3 - This button can be used to change the nesting of topics, moving them one level up or down.
  • 4 - Checking the box will permit you to create a task for an employee responsible for this topic simultaneously with creating an agenda item.
  • 5 - Opens a task card.
  • 6 - The list of files attached to a specific topic.
  • 7 - Indicator of the number of tasks for this topic with a possibility of going to the list of tasks.
  • 8 - Indicator of the number of comments to a specific topic with a possibility of going to the comments.
  • 9 - Topic delete button.
  • 10 - Topic edit button.
  • 11 - Saving editing results.
  • 12 - Cancel editing results.
  • 13 - Sub-topic add button.
  • 14 - Adds a topic to the agenda from an already created task or from another meeting.

Creating a Meeting as a Follow Up of the Previous One

Creating a meeting as a follow-up can be possible after the completion of the previous meeting (using the link Create next meeting in the form of a finished meeting) as well as at any other time using the command Create next meeting in the general list of meetings.

This link will open a meeting set-up form that will automatically contain the following data from the previous meeting:

  • Attendees with the same roles;
  • Meeting duration;
  • Venue;
  • Meeting description;
  • Files uploaded to the previous meeting;
  • Topics of previous meeting.

Agenda topics are included in the newly created meeting after they are checked and the button Pick topics is pressed. If necessary, new topics can be added to the agenda in the same way it was already done when creating a regular meeting.

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