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Let’s consider the implementation of membership ticket sales using Bitrix24 tools.

Task description

This scenario is developed for the sale of two types of membership tickets with different costs (one month and two weeks). We also need to register visits and send reminders about the termination of customer tickets to the responsible manager.

In this example, such a scenario is implemented as follows using Bitrix24: We create a contact for each customer in CRM and a product for each membership ticket in the CRM catalog. Upon the sales of a membership ticket to the customer the deal is created. After the deal is created the business process is initiated. Such a business process calculates the time until the membership ticket termination and creates a task for the manager responsible for certain sales a couple days before such termination date.

Deal creation

Let’s consider the implementation of such procedure step by step.

In the section products we create a membership ticket:

A Two week ticket is implemented in the same way.

Upon ticket sales, create a deal for the customer:

Completed form of deal creation

Please complete the mandatory fields in the deal creation form:

  • Indicate the deal name and fill the required fields.
  • If necessary, select a different responsible person.
  • Contact association is done automatically.
  • Select the deal product.

Business process

Then, the previously created business process with automatic start up upon deal addition starts:

Upon the creation of any deal the system checks the condition of business process execution (Buying ticket), where the Amount field value is verified. Let’s consider an example of a branch for a one-month ticket (two-week ticket is the same):

Business process is further executed in this branch only if the amount of the created deal contains the value of 33. Respectively, this value is lower for a two-week ticket.

Then, we indicate an execution pause for 27 days:

For a two-week ticket, the pause equals 12 days.

After 27 days, the manager who concluded this deal (suppose that this manager is a responsible manager) receives the task to inform the customer on the soon termination of his/her membership ticket.

  • The deadline contains the expression
    =Dateadd({=System:Date}, "1 d")
    It sets one day after the current system day as the deadline.
  • Head of Department is selected as the task author.
  • Task description displays the ID of the contact associated with the deal:
  • To fix the task to the deal, select Yes in Bind to current CRM entity field.

Customer notification

After the termination of the period set in the business process, the manager responsible for the deal receives notification about the task created for him/her.

The manager searches for the customer in the contact list using the customer ID, informs the customer on the ticket termination and offers to prolong it.

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