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Last Modified: 28.11.2013

To create a new workgroup:

  • Choose the Group item from the drop down list of the Create button or the Create Group button in the Workgroups > All Workgroups page.

    Croup item Create Group button

  • When the group creation form opens, enter the group name and description, specify if the group is visible to all users and if it is public.

    Visible to all means that the group is visible to all users who have an active account in your Bitrix24 instance. Otherwise, the group will be visible only to its members and users with administrative access to your intranet instance.

    Leave the Public group option unchecked if you require membership pre-moderation.

    New group description

  • Specify what features should be available in the group in the second tab of the form. Features can be enabled/disabled and access to them can be set at any time after the group is created.

    Group features

  • Invite users to the group in the third tab. Group Invitations will be sent to users via the instant messenger and users won’t become group members until the invitation is accepted.

    Group members

  • Specify keywords and who can invite users to the group in the fourth tab.

    Group tags

  • That is all. Save settings and begin collaboration with colleagues.

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