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Last Modified: 21.11.2013

Each of the company employees has a profile page showing his or her business and personal information.

Profile page

The links to user files, personal calendars, messages and any other employee profile related assets are at the top of the page.

If the profile page you're currently viewing is your profile page, the links are the same as shown in the menu on the left of the page.

Accessing Your Profile Page

To open your profile page, select My Profile in the personal menu:

Personal menu

Viewing Profiles of Other Users

To view the profile page of any other employee, click the employee's name (which is usually rendered as a link). You can even save the trouble of having to click a link; just hover the mouse pointer over the link to see the user information in the pop-up tooltip.

This is how the some other employee's profile page looks like:

Editing Your Profile

To access your profile for editing, use one of the following options:

Administrator Mode

In Bitrix24, the administrator can grant administrative privileges to another user by checking the Employee has administrative access to the portal option in the user profile. By default, a user with administrative permission just given remains for security considerations a "non power user": he or she cannot view hidden groups, or other users' tasks or reports, or perform any administrative only operation.

Only when the new administrator needs administrative privileges, he or she can enable them by clicking the Admin mode link in the user profile:

When in admin mode, the administrative user will see a warning on all the portal pages:

Once the administrator no longer needs elevated privileges, he or she must exit admin mode by clicking the link in the warning message.

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